Augmented Reality
Campaign Manager

Experience 3x increase in leads & sales with Augmented Reality. Transform classic print catalog, mailers and signage into powerful sales and lead generation tool.

WOW Effect
Leads & Sales
3x ROI increase

What's included?

A comprehensive solution to augment conventional catalogs and print materials with live brand experience, product inquiries, lead generation and online shopping 


Augmented Reality

Campaign Manager

Reporting & Data

Augmented Reality

WOW shoppers with digital try-on, and bring to life in-store catalogs, ads and signage experience

Today consumers expect brands to use AR

Think brands using AR are forward thinking & modern


Likely to purchase from the brand using AR

Feel more engaged with the brand using AR

How will it help my business?

Driven by instant gratification, modern consumer expects immediate access to information. Any extra steps required to access information diminish chances of sales. Augmented Reality (AR) bridges offline with online, satisfies curiosity in real-time, and increases lead generation, sales and in-store visitors.   

Increase leads

Enjoy 300% increase in lead generation with app installations, instant connections and
product selections.

Grow in-store & online sales

Drive in-store traffic with in-App promotions. Increase sales with personalized offers based on collected customer data.

Expand customer base

Expand customer relationships with shareable app for family & friends. Boost engagement with new generation of shoppers. 

Innovation advantage

Ignite conversation and become a trend setter with a cutting-edge tech that will wow your customers and their friends.

Sales App

Comprehensive solution to grow sales with Augmented Reality and marketing tools.

Brands, products & e-commerce

- Make brands and products stand out
- Accommodate demands of modern consumer
- Scale your marketing and sales

Connect with community

- Establish community foundation for loyal customers and fans
- Engage followers with timely offers and campaigns
- Drive in-store traffic with in-app leads action triggers

Augmented Reality

Don't miss out Augemented Reality (AR) boom. AR is expected to have 1 billion users by 2020. 

Engagement driver

- Ignite daily conversations with live AR experience
- Boost perception of your business
- 71% of shoppers think brands using AR are forward thinking

Powerful sales tool

- 55% of consumers are likely to purchase from brands that use AR
- Print-to-Buy in one click
- Convert leads into sales with powerful data mining tools

Embrace benefits of Augmented Reality

Leverage cutting-edge technology to increase customer engagement and sales 


Lead Generation


Store Visits

See Augmented Reality in action

Download our client's app and expereince exciting world of AR



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Initial license and setup fee varies based on selected modules. 

License & Setup Fee 


Branded iOS & Android apps, CMS, AR campaigns, brands & products, locations, lead generation, e-commerce 


$ 250 /mo
  • Wow your customers and win their business with AR catalog.
  • 50 Campaigns
  • 3,000 users
  • 180 Days Backup


$ 500 /mo
  • Wow your customers and win their business with AR catalog.
  • 200 Campaigns
  • 10,000 Users
  • 1 Year Backup


$ TBD per year
  • Wow your customers and win their business with AR catalog.
  • Unlimited Campigns
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Backup

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