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Advanced sales suite for business with a passion for human interaction




eCommerce microsites

Register and start selling online in under 30 min 


Start selling in minutes by simply adding a product and connecting your PayPal account. Our platform dynamically creates personalized landing pages and microsites to speed up customer communicationa and sales process.


No coding and no technical skills required. ELUXR is a turn-key sales platform that can be run from your smartphone. Start small or manage your entire website, our platform will accommodate your intricate business needs without overcomplications and delays.

Social & direct marketing

Increase sales conversion with direct and social media marketing 

In-messenger direct marketing

Execute direct sales campaigns across most engaging communication channels. Leverage Whatapp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms to get the immediate attention of the shopper

Social media marketing

Run or schedule social media outreach to your business and personal audience. Receive reminders and engagement notifications to increase sell-through by addressing customer needs in real-time

Content management

Simplify content creation with easy-to-use publishing tools and team-friendly workflow

Content creation and workflow

Accelerate content production with integrated workflow and communication. Enjoy automated notifications designed to help in-house teams and freelancers to collaborate 

Digital asset management

Create a searchable, shareable library of your brand’s photos, images, documents, videos, and other creative assets

Sales agents

Empower a distributed workforce with mobile-friendly tools to sell and market your products


In-store and remove sales professionals can now have instant access to product inventories and sales tools

Point of Sale

Easy-to-use POS system is accessible in real-time through mobile-friendly webapp

Independent Agents

Empower your referral program with branded sales and marketing tool for a distributed workforce 


Expand the reach and popularity of your brand with Influencers' activations

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Business benefits

Leverage real-time sales platform to accelerate growth across core engagement metrics 


Sales increase


Lead growth

Open rate

Engagement rate


Grow online sales for less than cost of one coffee a day
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All-In-One Online
Sales Management

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  • 5 Sales Agents
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What our clients say

"As we started using ELUXR more, we've noticed deeper and more frequient connections with our new customers. They love our ability to respond immdeitally with individually selected products" 

"It's so much simpler to manage multiple sales campaigns with individual microsites. Our customers appreciate personalized pages with products they like"

“The ‘Baselworld Live News’ Chatbot now allows us to offer more interactive, instantaneous, direct and personalized communication”


Yes, every new account receives 1 hour of professional training on the use and capabilities of the platform. 

We love happy customers and provide support through our chatbot and email. 

You may create unlimited microsites, social media marketing, and one-on-one messaging campaigns. 

Yes, a credit card is required to register an account. 

You may cancel your account anytime through the administration menu or by notifying support. 

Yes, we can assist you with an integration of our sales platform into a website. SHOPIFY is our integration partner for larger e-commerce projects. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Technology partners

Engagement monetization platform for business communities, events, and charitable causes.

Leverage ELUXR platform to create additional revenue streams and value-add services.

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