Engagement Monetization Platform

Empower your audience to communicate, engage and transact in real-time.
Create new revenue streams for your business, events and communities. 


Increase engagements and lead generation with real-time communication tools that capture audience attention


Grow purchases by seamlessly integrating  products and content transactions into communication channels


Empower and reward your community for continuity of content sharing and referral recommendations


The easy-to-use content management platform is complemented by scalable digital asset management

Engagement Channels

We simplify and automate audience communication and transactions. The platform empowers engagement actions across peak attention channels resulting in sales, new content creation, and community loyalty.

Augmented Reality

Messaging Chatbot



Engagement Categories 

Visual Engagement - Augmented Reality

Create incredible experiences & egagements

Verbal Engagement - Chatbot & Messaging

Communicate, engage & transact in real-time

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Marketing Automation

Messenger Marketing

Magnify audience engagement levels using Chatbot Messenger marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Plan and schedule your social media posts for automated distribution

Direct Marketing

Mine and engage your social community in one-on-one communication 

Partners Marketing

Automate direct communication, education and engagement with your agents & resellers

Simple Content Management

Branding & Intros

Control unified brand messaging across communication, marketing, and transactional channels

Products & Donations

Unleash the variety of transactional capabilities with simple yet flexible inventory options

News & Content

Simplify and scale content creation. Setup workflow to manage contributors and user-created content

Events & Tickets

Grow event engagements and revenues with integrated ticketing and merchandising

Achieve more!

Leverage ELUXR platform to increase digital revenues for your business 


Engagement Revenues


Digital Ads 


Attendee Transactions


Sponsor Promotions

Engagement monetization platform for business communities, events, and charitable causes.

Leverage ELUXR platform to create additional revenue streams and value-add services.

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