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Browse inventories & connect with the best suppliers, manufacturers, designers, and retailers
Mobile Commerce

Easily adapt your business for mobile commerce, and stay informed with custom notifications
Analytical Insights

Track & predict sales using the power of big data, and expand market-reach with exclusive insights
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Increase sales potential with integrations into top marketplaces and e-commerce platforms

What is ELUXR?

Marketplace & Trading Tools

A 24/7, centralized-hub for browsing, buying, and selling globally. Find new accounts and get discovered. Seamlessly add trading capabilities to your website & business portal.

Communication & Integration Network

Improve business communications between suppliers or customers. Expand product distribution by using our powerful integrations with top shopping destinations.

Mobile & On-Demand Sales Tools

Impress customers by creating personalized shopping experiences for any device. Receive instant online or mobile notifications prior to making important business decisions.

17,000 Retailers
3,000 Manufacturers
2,000 Dealers & Suppliers
1M+ Global Partnerships


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online tools for constantly evolving retail businesses

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How Brands Benefit from ELUXR

solutions tailored to your business

Diamond Trading Platform


The most efficient platform for buying and selling diamonds. Advanced search options are combined with effective upsell features. Use it online or in-house, and share it with your retail partners. Mobile-forward tools integrated with live notifications and reporting.

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