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Step 1: Add Product(s)

1. Add Products

Take picture or video, upload CSV or Excel file, or simply integrate inventory feed from your favorite application. ELUXR will accept it all.

Step 2: Add Product(s)

2. Share

Personalize product selection and Share over Social networks , Messengers and Email with your customer and prospects. Produce and send Purchase Orders(PO) to your customers. Use it at the trade shows as your sales tool.

Step 3: Share

3. Communicate

Integrated Facebook Messenger, Skype and Telegram gives you power to timely address every shopper’s needs and convert them into customers.

Sample Mobile Popup Shop
Examples of Mobile Functionality

Communication & Personalization in real-time

Facebook Messenger, Skype and Telegram integrations bring human factor to modern world of connected consumers. Be the first to answer any questions and close the sales.

ELUXR's proprietary Personalization AI system may increase your customer's engagement and order value by over 60%. Stay ahead of your competition for luxury shoppers.

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