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Sascha Moeri shares the latest product news unveiled at Baselworld and talks about the new campaign “Treasuring Values”.
Mr Moeri, what is your statement piece in 2019?
Sascha Moeri: I will dare to say, that all of our product news this year are statement pieces. They all reflect the values that we treasure as a company in many ways: tradition, excellence, the power of innovation and sustainability. Our very new Heritage Bicompax Annual for instance combines timeless design with contemporary sophistication and shows the strong connection to our roots: A watch born of more than 130 years of style and savoir faire – and the latest addition to our ever expanding Heritage collection. The Patravi ScubaTec Black Manta Special Edition marks the continuation of our ongoing support for the UK based charity Manta Trust. This new, COSC-certified chronometer with an ultra-light titanium case, helium release valve, and water resistance of up to 50 bar (500 m), is not only a stylish companion in and outside the water. The deep black timepiece is also for a good cause: consistent with the values of Carl F. Bucherer, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Manta Trust. And last but not least, with the newest variants of the Patravi ScubTec Lady and the Patravi Chronodates we are also offering colorful and elegant additions to our Ladies collection.

Carl F. Bucherer is based in the beautiful Swiss city of Lucerne. How important are these roots for the company’s image?
Very important. Our claim states that we are “Made of Lucerne”. The spirit of the city, in which our founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened his first boutique for watches and jewellery back in 1888, defines who we are today and inspires our collection in many ways. The Heritage collection, which we introduced last year, is a tribute to our roots here in the heart of Switzerland and highlights our strong connection to Lucerne. After the Heritage Tourbillion DoublePeripheral we are proud to already be adding the second masterpiece to that collection of limited-edition timepieces that unite unique design with more than 130 years of “Made of Lucerne” watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship: the Heritage Bicompax Annual.

What are the most important attributes that a Swiss-made luxury watch should have today?
Some would say precision. Others will state that a Swiss made luxury watch is distinct by high complications. We on the other hand have always followed a very holistic approach when developing our timepieces. Accuracy and useful complications are just as important to us and our customers as aesthetics and outstanding design. Our rich heritage of more than 130 years of course is another impactful asset of our watches. A watch that does not only tell time, but a story inspired by time simply has a much higher emotional value. The newest addition to our Heritage collection reflects all of that perfectly: Our Heritage Bicompax Annual combines precision, functionality, unique aesthetics and tradition in a very well balanced manner – this watch has it all.

What are your goals for 2019?
2018 was a special year for us as we celebrated our 130th anniversary crowned with the launch of our new Heritage Collection. While paying tribute to our history and origins, we yet managed to emphasize not only on the innovational power of our in-house production, but also on our watchmaking excellence with such outstanding masterpieces as the Manero Tourbillon DoublePeripheral. In 2019 we will stay on exactly this successful path with product highlights and partnerships that reflect and further accelerate the values which define our brand: excellence, tradition, innovational power and sustainability. Baselworld 2019 marked the start of our campaign “Treasuring Values”, presenting a 360 degree perspective on the DNA of our company. To arouse these values and fascinate watch enthusiasts through ingenious timepieces and authentic stories is our major goal for this year.

There is a lot of talking about how to reach the generation of the millennials. How does Carl F. Bucherer try to convince this new audience of the beauty of a mechanical timepiece?
In this digital age of fast fashion, customers no matter what age, seek something exquisite that will stand the test of time, and our mechanical timepieces are exactly that. Nobody needs a watch today to tell time – you can check your smartphone for that. But these electronic devices lack emotion and value stability. We see especially the younger generation of the so called millennials wearing mechanical watches as the ultimate accessory, the ultimate statement of strong style and values. It’s about the appreciation of craft and beauty – two assets that are reflected in many ways in our multifaceted collection. We also know that the digital world is key for this generation so we are constantly evolving to meet their demands, both: via our social media presence as well as through our distribution channels. In addition to our strong network of traditional sales platforms, we are happy to sell via the Bucherer e-commerce, and have just recently opened our own first digital boutique with in China. So we not only fascinate younger watch enthusiasts with our products, but also reach them via the right touch points.

The Brand

The Carl F. Bucherer name has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and passion since 1888. Founded in Lucerne, the Swiss family business has become an internationally renowned global brand characterized by its founder’s pioneering spirit and the cosmopolitan esprit of its home. Today, the company remains in the third generation of the family under Jörg G. Bucherer. The timepieces and movements created by the independent watch manufacturer are developed and produced in the brand’s own workshops in Switzerland. Important milestones are the manufacturer’s own movements that are partially driven by an external rotor – an innovation that Carl F. Bucherer was the first manufacturer to put into series production. With its exclusive watch creations, Carl F. Bucherer epitomizes high-quality craftsmanship, unmistakable style, and detailed sophistication. Carl F. Bucherer – Made of Lucerne
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